Adaptive Shoes

The fusion of 3D printing and shoes

Adaptive Shoes is my take on what the future of 3D printing and shoe manufacturing could be someday. With the introduction of 3D printing, the cost of making a one-off shoe becomes more affordable than traditional manufacturing methods. By printing directly onto the fabric of the shoe, we are able to re-enforce different parts of it to the user's needs. For instance, support around the ankle can be printed and added to the shoe without the need to change the whole production workflow. The need for glue or adhesives are also reduced; e.g. print the heel cup directly onto the upper of the shoe without any need for glue or sewing. The 3D printed material also protects and holds the fabric together for increased durability.

Designed for Senior ID Thesis 2016

Apply subtle texture and patterns by having the 3D print on the inside of the shoe.

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