Vermicomposting ladder planter

Vermicomposting is the use of worms to aid in the composting of plant matter. By letting the worms eat and digest the matter, their castings (poop) can then be spread onto the potted plants or be steeped into a “worm tea” fertilizer that is highly nutritious for plants. LADR LADR makes this process easy, simple, and rewarding for plant enthusiasts even if they live in a small home. By separating the two ladders, they can be placed against a wall, minimizing its footprint. The soft silicone auger inside the composting bin, separates the castings without hurting the worms.

Designed for ID4 2015 in collaboration with Danvu Nguyen, Debbie Stevens from Worm Endings Unlimited, and assistance from Judy Leung.

Above photos by Mark Serr

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